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What’s New in Smart India Hackathon 2024

SIH brings the next generation evolution by inclusion of new methodology to inculcate the culture of startup and innovation ecosystem across different age groups i.e. are as follows: -

HEI Students

Regular Students of HEI's pursuing "Graduate/Post-Graduate/Ph.D" will be able to showcase their talent and generate out-of-the-box open innovation ideas

Smart India Hackathon's


No problem is too big... No idea is too small

Smart Automation

Ideas focused on the intelligent use of resources for transforming and advancements of technology with combining the artificial intelligence to explore more various sources and get valuable insights.

Fitness & Sports

Ideas that can boost fitness activities and assist in keeping fit.

Space Technology

For use in travel or activities beyond Earth's atmosphere, for purposes such as spaceflight or space exploration.

Heritage & Culture

Ideas that showcase the rich cultural heritage and traditions of India.

MedTech/BioTech/ HealthTech

Cutting-edge technology in these sectors continues to be in demand. Recent shifts in healthcare trends, growing populations also present an array of opportunities for innovation.

Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development

Developing solutions, keeping in mind the need to enhance the primary sector of India - Agriculture and to manage and process our agriculture produce.

Smart Vehicles

Creating intelligent devices to improve commutation sector.

Transportation & Logistics

Submit your ideas to address the growing pressures on the city’s resources, transport networks, and logistic infrastructure.

Robotics and Drones

There is a need to design drones and robots that can solve some of the pressing challenges of India such as handling medical emergencies, search and rescue operations, etc.

Clean & Green Technology

Solutions could be in the form of waste segregation, disposal, and improve sanitization system.


A solution/idea that can boost the current situation of the tourism industries including hotels, travel and others.

Renewable/ sustainable Energy

Innovative ideas that help manage and generate renewable /sustainable sources more efficiently.

Blockchain & Cybersecurity

Provide ideas in a decentralized and distributed ledger technology used to store digital information that powers cryptocurrencies and NFTs and can radically change multiple sectors.

Smart Education

Smart education,a concept that describes learning in digital age. It enables learners to learn more effectively, efficiently, flexibly and comfortably.

Disaster Management

Disaster management includes ideas related to risk mitigation, Planning and management before, after or during a disaster.

Games & Toys

Challenge your creative mind to conceptualize and develop unique toys and games based on our civilization, history, and culture etc.


Technology ideas in tertiary sectors like Hospitality, Entertainment and Retail.


Challenges related to the financial services.


Shri Narendra Modi

Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

Shri Dharmendra Pradhan

Hon'ble Minister of Education


Dr. Sukanta Majumdar

Hon'ble Minister of State for Education

Jayant Chaudhary

Hon'ble Minister of State for Education

Shri K. Sanjay Murthy

Hon'ble Secretary, Higher Education

Prof. T. G. Sitharam

Chairman, AICTE

Dr. Abhay Jere

Vice Chairman, AICTE


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