Total Problem Statement(s) (Software) : 334      Total Problem Statement(s) (Hardware) : 196
Technology Bucket :


Logo Organization Problem Statement Title Category Submitted Idea(s) Count Technology Bucket Complexity
India Health Link Pvt Ltd Smart body posture recognition & Guiding system Software 4 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices Complicated
India Health Link Pvt Ltd Personal Health Influencers through social network Software 3 Software - Web App development Complicated
Thermo Fisher Real Time Mapping of Epidemic Spread Software 3 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices Complex
Mahindra&Mahindra(FarmEq) Low cost & smart cooling system for tractor cabin Hardware 5 Agriculture and Rural Development Complicated
Mahindra&Mahindra(FarmEq) Low cost on the go soil sensing and mapping attached to implements Hardware 6 Smart Communication Complicated
Mahindra&Mahindra(FarmEq) Uplifting the Farmer through a Connected Ecosystem Software 5 Software - Mobile App development Complex
Saguna Rural Foundation A seed sowing machine for Zero-Till farming Hardware 7 Agriculture and Rural Development Complex
Praj Industries Limited. Development of Non-fouling metallic surfaces/coats Hardware 1 Clean Water Simple
Praj Industries Limited. Removal of Volatile Acids (eg AA) in waste stream. Software 0 Clean Water Simple
Praj Industries Limited. Biomass Size reduction with low power consumption. Hardware 0 Agriculture and Rural Development Simple