Total Problem Statement(s) (Software) : 334      Total Problem Statement(s) (Hardware) : 196
Technology Bucket :


Logo Organization Problem Statement Title Category Submitted Idea(s) Count Technology Bucket Complexity
MindTree Efficient Farming Software 16 Agriculture and Rural Development Complex
MindTree TechAgri Software 13 Agriculture and Rural Development Complex
MindTree Mask Free Air Hardware 5 Sustainable Environment Complicated
MindTree RADAR on Roads Hardware 9 Security & Surveillance Complex
MindTree Mechanism to save medines from getting wasted Software 3 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices Complicated
MindTree Drone based medical facility Hardware 5 Robotics & Drones Complex
MindTree Identity (KYC) secure sharing Software 3 Security & Surveillance Complicated
MindTree Proactive Disaster Detection Software 6 Miscellaneous Complex
MindTree Driver alertness detection Software 13 Smart Vehicles Complex