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Organization Problem Statement Category PS Number Submitted Idea(s) Count Domain Bucket
Autodesk Design & Manufacturing of Connecting Rod Hardware BN148 29 Miscellaneous
Central Warehousing Corporation Aggregated Internet Bandwidth solution Hardware BK264 6 Smart Communication
RCF Manual operations of Microla and Biola Bottle filling, capping, labelling and packing, leading to spillage and wastage of manpower Hardware SG288 22 Agriculture and Rural Development
Cisco DEVNET Cisco Wireless Access + IoT App Hosting Hardware AM290 36 Sustainable Environment
Bharat Forge Ltd Design and Development of working prototype of Helicopter Turbo-propellers Hardware SP292 20 Robotics & Drones
NALCO TRACKING and Control of Hot METAL TRANSPORTATION TRUCKS Hardware PN313 25 Smart Vehicles
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd Currently Government Schemes are not being utilized by real beneficiary, and this leads to middle man being taking advantage of situation and also leads to corruption. Self/ Supervised KIOSK based terminal for checking eligibility and also apply for scheme. Hardware MS449 18 Miscellaneous
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd Designing devices, which would help in easing communication channels between various communication devices and points. Hardware MS452 18 Smart Communication
Ministry of Women and Child Development Network connectivity in remote areas Hardware AS36 11 Smart Communication
Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Developing Virtual Reality based solutions Hardware SG66 20 Miscellaneous
Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs If there is an issue of sanitation and hygiene in our cities, most of it is contributed by its citizens. Which innovative mechanisms can be introduced to make the people more aware about maintaining a better hygiene? What participatory methods should be added to engage the people in this process of sanitation? Hardware BC75 36 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs Cities have people coming from rural areas. There is a need for better public spaces. Hardware BC80 23 Miscellaneous
Department of Atomic Energy Laser based Vibration Sensor operated through mobile Hardware PC85 27 Smart Communication
Department of Atomic Energy Digital Imaging of Objects behind Steel walls Hardware PC89 11 Security & Surveillance
Gov of Uttarakhand Drudgery reduction of women in rural areas Hardware MK101 17 Agriculture and Rural Development
Gov of Uttarakhand Restoring of transportation system in the Hilly areas of Uttarakhand during peak rainy season Hardware MK102 16 Sustainable Environment
Govt of Goa Device to measure Steroid content in Milk/Meat Products Hardware DR137 19 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Problem Statement from PDUNIPPD (Hardware) Hardware PD152 21 Miscellaneous
Tripura Institute of Technology Tracking of babies discharged from S.N.C.U. (Sick New Born Care Unit), Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC) Hardware DB158 26 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
Tripura Institute of Technology Identification of Geo location using Smartphone in absence of internet and mobile network. Hardware DB161 19 Smart Communication
Tripura Institute of Technology Calls made to a particular number from a basic phone needs to be tracked accessing the location based information provided by the service provider on the fly and plot the location on map using Google services. Hardware DB162 9 Smart Communication
Government of Andhra Pradesh solutions required to address challenges faced in clean water supply Hardware KB187 45 Clean Water
All India Institute of Ayurveda - Ministry of AYUSH Virtual reality (VR) for Yoga-Asana, Meditation Hardware DA193 24 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
Ministry of Communications Solution for initiating some kind of alarm to protect underground fiber while digging the road for construction Hardware PJ236 26 Miscellaneous
Ministry of Communications Upgrading 3G Mobile for LTE/4G network Hardware PJ237 6 Smart Communication
Ministry of Communications Cost effective innovative solution for long distanch (3 to 8 kms) Hardware PJ238 14 Smart Communication
National Jute Board, Min of Textiles How to get another dedicated internet service provider (ISP) for an e-governance portal Hardware AR243 7 Miscellaneous
National Jute Board, Min of Textiles scientific way of assessing the quality parameters of raw jute produced/sold by farmers by linking with raw jute crop assessment through remote sensing application of NRSA/ISRO Hardware AR249 15 Smart Textiles
National Jute Board, Min of Textiles Digital / Laser printing – creating a niche for Surat Hardware AR255 7 Smart Textiles
Govt. of Bihar (DOA) Developing a real time produce life time monitoring & sharing mechanism to enhance output realization to farmers through private sector participation and DBT. Hardware NS274 43 Agriculture and Rural Development
Department of Science and Technology Video conference – Eye to eye contact – Mobile App Hardware PR324 21 Smart Communication
Department of Science and Technology Smart Networks for Renewable Integrated Sources for standalone Microgrids Hardware PR330 22 Energy / Renewable Energy
Govt. of Madhya Pradesh Solo IOT devices to capture video and audio evidences Hardware MS341 29 Security & Surveillance
Education department Gujarat Cost Effective harmonic filters. Hardware AD363 12 Miscellaneous
Ministry of Power Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for inspection of the HRT (Head Race Tunnels) in Hydro-electric Plant. Hardware PK365 39 Robotics & Drones
Department of Science and Technology 1. Quick analysis of quality of cereals, oilseeds and pulses using AI Hardware PR419 26 Agriculture and Rural Development
Department of Science and Technology Use of Technology to Test Adulteration of Edible Produce Hardware PR427 21 Food Technology
Department of Science and Technology Smart Building Energy Management System using Machine Learning Hardware PR428 30 Smart Cities
Ministry of Railways Smart Sealing System (Electronic recording of seal position of SLRs/VPUs) Hardware BB457 31 Security & Surveillance
Ministry of Railways Intelligent Scanning System (Non invasive checking of passengers and their luggage at access points ) Hardware BB458 17 Robotics & Drones
Ministry of Railways Intelligent Scanning System (Non invasive, quick and cost effective way of checking of parcels in parcel offices (both booked by railway and leaseholders) Hardware BB459 11 Robotics & Drones
AICTE-MIC Student Innovation Hardware IC475 46 Food Technology
AICTE-MIC Student Innovation Hardware IC483 41 Travel and Tourism
AICTE-MIC Student Innovation Hardware IC484 27 Smart Textiles
AICTE-MIC Student Innovation Hardware IC486 28 Sports and Fitness
Organization Problem Statement Title Category PS Number Submitted Idea(s) Count Domain Bucket