Total Problem Statement(s) (Software) : 258      Total Problem Statement(s) (Hardware) : 95
Technology Bucket :


Logo Organization Problem Statement Title Category PS Number Domain Bucket
Bajaj Fin Serv Voice Prescription Software AP63 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
GE Healthcare Warm patient mattress Hardware UP125 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
TCI PREDICTION OF TARIFF RATE Software PU131 Miscellaneous
Autodesk Ultra Compact Personalized Flying Vehicle Software BN147 Smart Vehicles
Autodesk Design & Manufacturing of Connecting Rod Hardware BN148 Miscellaneous
ARAI Warning System for Driver Software UK149 Smart Vehicles
ARAI Anti Theft Systems for 2 wheelers Software UK151 Smart Vehicles
GE Healthcare Virtual Assistant for Medical Device Software UP176 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
BEML Limited Creating Ability to Server Logs Management for Analysis & Report of Heterogeneous Servers Software AK209 Software - Web App development
BEML Limited Design of Energy Efficient Regenerative Hydraulic System for 100 Ton Excavator Software AK210 Smart Vehicles