SIH 2020

Idea Submission Process for Smart India Hackathon 2020


The nominated College SPOC is needed to enter the details of top teams as per the announcements on the SIH portal. The details include: 1.Team name 2.Chosen problem statement 3.Idea title 4.Idea description 5.Idea ppt PDF 6.College authorization letter PDF (in a given format) 7.Names of team leader and the rest 5 team members 8.Gender of team leader and the rest 5 team members 9.Email id of all the team members along with the team leader 10.Mobile no. of all the team members along with the team leader. It is recommended that the College SPOC enter the details for a nominated team in presence of respective team leader. Team & idea details once entered cannot be altered. College SPOC will be responsible to ensure that all the data entered by him/ her is accurate. Along with this, the SPOC would also need to add some details of an internal hackathon held by the institute such as details of judges for the internal hackathon and few photos/videos of the internal hackathon.
A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 SPOC are allowed per institute/college/university.
If your college is approved by AICTE, you are requested to enter your 2018 application id (2018 AICTE CID). You can get the ID from AICTE portal as well.


Students cannot directly register themselves. If you are a student, you can only be registered by your College SPOC.
o All team members should be from the same college; no inter-college teams are allowed. However, members from different branches of the same college/ institute are encouraged to form a team.• Each team would mandatorily comprise of 6 members including the team leader and at least one female member. As the software edition of the hackathon is digital product development competition, the majority of the team members MUST be well versed with programming skills. For the hardware edition, we encourage multi-disciplinary teams – which means your team should have a good mix of Mechanical Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Product Designers and Programmers, etc.
a) The top 7 teams (5 teams for Software edition and 2 teams for Hardware edition) nominations(from internal hackathon) must be submitted on the SIH portal by the College SPOC only. 2 teams can be nominated in waitlist under each category. b) SPOC registration will start from 1 st December 2019 c) The last date for team nomination and idea submission by College SPOC on SIH portal will be 10th February 2020. This deadline will not be extended under any circumstances and no exceptions will be made. d) College SPOC must log in on using his/ her credentials and fill out the details of 7 nominated teams. e) With this new system, a team will not be able to make multiple idea submissions.
Post Idea submission process, the ideas will be evaluated by experts. Evaluation criteria will include novelty of the idea, complexity, clarity and details in the prescribed format, feasibility, practicability, sustainability, the scale of impact, user experience and potential for future work progression.
Notification about selected teams will be put up on our portal and will also be sent to their respective nodal centres. One may also keep a track of all the latest announcements and updates about the initiative through the SIH App. Be available for meetings, A-view sessions and training during the preparation phase; you will be notified about them in advance.