SIH 2018 - Hardware Edition

Hardware Edition-Themes

Smart Communication

Designing devices which would help in easing communication chennels between various communication devices and points. Committee

Medical Devices / Healthcare/ Bio Sensing Technologies

Designing devices that would help in managing healthcare better. Committee

Clean water

Creating state-of-the-art devices to improve distribution, management and purification of water. Committee

Agriculture / Agro-Electronics

Devices that can bring about productive, qualitative and value enhancing changes to the primary sector of India - Agriculture. Committee

Automobiles / Smart Vehicles

Creating intelligent devices to improve commutation facilities, quality of travel experience and overall travel safety features hardware. Committee

Waste management

Solutions could be in the form of waste segregation, disposal, and improved transportation system. Committee

Technology for Rural development

Designing devices keeping in mind the need to improve the quality of life, employment opportunities, etc in Rural India. Committee

Drones and Robotics

There is a need design drones and robots that can solve some of the pressing challenges of India such as handling medical emergencies, search and rescue operations, etc. Committee


Creating smart learning devices to improve education practices and increase reach of learning opportunities in India. Committee

Security & Surveillance / Defense and Security

Creating state-of-the-art safety and security technologies for India. Committee

Import Substitution
(reverse import)

Designing world class solutions for India that can help reduce imports of electronic devices from other nations. Committee

Executive Committee

Prof Partha Chakrabarty
Director, IIT Kharagpur
The Chairman,
SIH 2018 (Hardware Edition)

Mr. R. Subrahmanyam
Special Secretary, MHRD

Dr. S. Christopher
Chairman, DRDO

Ms. Arundhati Bhattacharya
Former Chairman, SBI

Mr. Hemant Joshi
Technology Media Telecom Leader,
Deloitte India

Dr. Gopichand Katragadda
Group Technology and Innovation
Officer, TATA Group

Mr. Satish Gokhale
Head of Product Design, Design

Ms. Terri Bresenham
President & CEO, Sustainable
Healthcare Solutions - GE Healthcare

Dr. Harkesh Kumar Mittal
Advisor, Member Secretary - NSTEDB

Mr. Maneesh Bhandari
CEO, Propeluss

Dr. Abhay Jere
The Organizing Secretary and
Coordinator, SIH 2018
(Hardware Edition)

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